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The Chameleon Enclosure™


The Chameleon Enclosure™ can be supplied to suit any external noise criteria set. Our most prestigious enclosure achieves noise levels of 35 dB(A) @ 10m with internal noise source levels in excess of 105 dB(A).


The Chameleon Enclosure™ is an acoustic enclosure that can be matched with any existing structures colour, brick size and formation.


The Chameleon Enclosure™ has a life expectancy of at least 25 years, this, compared to an average steel enclosure, is an immense advantage both in aesthetics and cost.


The Chameleon Enclosure™ can be designed to solve practically any noise issue. It can be constructed in virtually any size or shape. It can be installed in our 'tea cosy' design over existing noise sources or as a complete structure including a load-bearing floor.


The Chameleon Enclosure™ can come with its own fully integrated, attenuated ventilation system, which is individually designed to accommodate each selected noise source if required.

Ready to Go

The Chameleon Enclosure™ can be fitted with plant prior to site delivery ready for immediate installation.

New or Not

The Chameleon Enclosure™ appears to age with the existing brickwork but can be jet wash cleaned to give a brand new effect as and when required.

Rain or Shine

The Chameleon Enclosure™ is fully weather proof and the walls and roof have been designed and tested to British Standard 476 Part 22.

Test Us

The Chameleon Enclosure™ can be used on any plant or machinery of any size or number. It can also be used with any other idea you can present to us from a session room, to a computer housing to a hut on an oil rig.

Oh and…

The Chameleon Enclosure™ standard housing has been assessed and registered by National Quality Assurance Limited against the provisions of BS EN ISO 9001

The Chameleon Enclosure, on building site The Chameleon Enclosure, being lifted into place by crane
The Chameleon Enclosure, ventilation out The Chameleon Enclosure, ventilation in