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David Lloyd — Bolton

Having just opened a new fitness club, David Lloyd Leisure began to receive complaints from local resident from several plant units including 2 large externally mounted 'V' compressors. Each of these compressors was over 3m high and accommodated six 1m diameter fans on top for air movement.

Moving the units was not an option due to pipe work and electrics pre-sunk into the ground during the initial construction. Sound Advice Acoustics Ltd undertook several 24hr noise surveys and took many source levels to identify the exact cause of the issue.

From an acoustic issue, the compressor would need enclosing. However, the units required a high volume of free air and velocity through their system for them to operate efficiently. Sound Advice Acoustics Ltd's extensive knowledge of acoustic consultancy and engineering background allowed us to specify, design, manufacture and install the enclosure you see below.

Exposed machinery Exposed machinery
Sound-insulated machinery Sound-insulated machinery

Ardmore — Portsmouth

Skyscraper under construction Skyscraper artist's impression

Sound Advice Acoustics Ltd was awarded the sound insulation contract for this £63 million build for Ardmore Construction on behalf of Crest Nicholson.

The contract ran for 2½ years with sound testing visits carried out every 3-4 weeks throughout this time. Reports were written and delivered to site within 3 days of site testing to coincide with the very tight build schedule. Our professional and reliable service together with UKAS accreditation ensured a fast, reliable and accurate service was delivered with precise results and reporting along the way.

Signature Retirement Homes
Leicester, Nottingham, Hindhead & Crawley.

A full Initial environmental noise assessment was carried out on the site at land acquisition stage to ascertain the suitability for residential development.

From the initial assessment detailed wall, roof and window specification were ascertained using our BS 8233: noise assessment. The client was then able to order to correct specifications for each façade element and discharge the relevant planning conditions.

At the internal design stage Bastian calculations were carried out in order to check the proposed separating structure detail would achieve not only the requirements of Building Regulations Approved Document E 2003 but also the clients requirements over and above this standard.

Throughout the development the use of our Bastian software has been invaluable to the client and has enable us to provide instant calculations and answers to any queries that arose during the construction process.

Finally, completion testing was carried out in compliance with Table 1B of Building Regulations Approved Document E 2003 and project completed and signed off.

Sound Advice Acoustics Ltd were with them every step of the way to ensure a comprehensive service and cost matrix.

Ryvita — Stockport

A full noise at work assessment was carried out across their entire factory unit and each operator position evaluated based on hours of operation, break time and other time spent in other areas and their associated noise levels.

Sound Advice Acoustics Ltd worked closely with Ryvita on several potentially noisy sections of their plant to ensure suitable noise exposure levels were reduced to within that of the industry standard. At the time of assessment the 1989 noise at work regulations were in effect and are generally as follows:

Those areas that fall within this category are below the first action level and therefore require no attention for further investigation or need for hearing protection at this current time. However, should additional machinery be installed within any of these areas, a repeat assessment should be carried out in order to identify the potential operator exposure level.

Those areas that fall within this category are between the first action level of LEP,d 85 dB and the second action level of LEP,d 90 dB. This therefore requires the employer to make the personnel entering these areas aware of the potential hazards of noise and should supply suitable hearing protection in the form of hearing defenders or ear plugs.

Those areas that fall within this category are above the second action level of LEP,d 90 dB and below the third action level of 200 pascals (140 dB). The employer must make mandatory, the wearing of hearing defenders and so far as is reasonable practicable, reduce the noise level at source by means of remedial acoustic works.