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Sound Advice Acoustics Ltd offers a complete service for Schools, Colleges and Education Centres throughout the UK from start to finish.


The package is separated into three sections to coincide with the planning, building and completion stages of the project.

  • External Noise Surveys
  • Internal Noise Assessment
  • Completion Testing and Commissioning

External Noise Surveys

Sound Advice Acoustics Ltd will attend the relevant site and carry out a full external environmental noise survey of the site in accordance with British Standard 7445: 'Description and measurement of environmental noise'. The results would be used to assess the design configuration of the building shell and all elements of construction in accordance with Building Bulletin 93 (BB93). Calculations will be made in accordance with BS 8233: 2014 'Sound Insulation and Noise Reduction for Buildings'. This will ensure all calculated internal noise levels from external ambient noise are within the parameters of BB93.

Advice is to be given on the schools location and positioning for best acoustic means with acoustic input to be given at every stage of the development.

We also carry out detailed measurements of the existing school external activities and assess the results against the proposed building structure for noise break-in, in accordance with BB93. We assess and advise on all necessary external play and teaching areas and ensure conformity with BB93.

Finally, we submit a full report to include all monitored noise survey data, calculations, assessments to BB93 and any necessary remedial works recommended

Internal Noise Surveys

Sound Advice Acoustics Limited will calculate reverberation times for each of the teaching areas and assess in accordance with BB93. Advise on additional acoustic materials and principals where applicable in order to comply with this standard.

We calculate the absorption levels required within each of the segregated corridors and make recommendations for specified ceiling types / tiles in order to comply with BB93. Calculate the sound transmission between teaching areas and circulation areas and advise on wall, floor, ceiling and door specifications in order to comply with BB93. Highly accurate Bastian calculation software to be used for this stage of the development and 3D working models produced for each relevant area. These 3D models can then be modified with various building material, make ups and elements to suit the required design.

Advise on ventilation attenuation throughout the building.

Advice on M & E matters relating to any plant rooms with regards to construction types in order to ensure the above standards are achieved.

Make any necessary additional recommendations with regards to construction make-up selections and liaise with yourselves to select the most cost effect product in order to achieve the requirements within BB93.

A full internal noise survey report will be issued to include the above elements and any additional necessary remedial works recommended.

Completion Testing and Commissioning

We will carry out noise compliance testing of the completed building and submit full test results. Please note Sound Advice Acoustics Ltd are UKAS accredited for pre-completion testing in accordance with Building Regulations Document E 2003 and a full report will be submitted accordingly.

In accordance with the internal noise assessment carried out we will monitor reverberation times within specific areas of the completed school in order to demonstrate BB93 compliance. Ambient noise levels will also be monitored within each of the specific areas.

A full completion report, based on our noise survey findings, will be submitted for project sign off.